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What's New on Wispform

This is a place where you can see recent updates to Wispform. If you are a registered user, you may also get this information through our newsletter.

Most Recent Release

1. Add members to organizations and workspaces (June 2024)

Customers can now add team members to their Wispform's account. Each customer on Wispform Business tier ($30/month) will get 5 seats as part of their plan. With these seats, customers can add up to 5 users to their Wispform organization. Each user can either be an admin or an editor in the customer's organization. For more information, see our documentation.

2. Drop-off insight (January 2024)

We are starting to release advanced analytics capabilities as part of the Wispform Business tier for our more advanced customers. Drop-off insight allows you to get a detailed break down of your overall funnel for your form as well as a question-by-question break down of how many users viewed and dropped off from each question. This will help you identify where your users are dropping off and come up with plans to improve your response rate. For more information, please check out the documentation.

3. User insight (January 2024)

User insight can also be found in your result page and offers more insights into your users such as the channels where they are coming from before visiting your form, distribution of their outcome a, and distribution of where they are being redirected to after they submitted their form or quiz. For more information, please check out the documentation.

Previous releases

1. Wispform Workspace update (September)

We made a big update to the design of our workspace page, making the design fit better with the rest of our pages. As part of this, we are also making it easier for customers to navigate and jump between workspaces.

2. Curated themes for your forms (July)

We just launched themes under the design tab of Wispform! Instead of selecting your own colors, fonts, and background images, we have curated a set of pre-configured themes and backgrounds that look beautiful and are easy to setup. You can choose to either select one of these themes or continue to define your own theme using the design settings.

3. Adjust brightness of your form background (February)

When you upload a background image onto Wispform, we used to add a dark overlay to the form so that the texts can standout from the background. With this new addition, you can adjust the brightness of this overlay to get more customization for your form. As a recommendation, you should try use white text color for dark overlay and black text color for light overlay.

4. Supporting multiple currencies in payment question (January)

Previously, you could only accept USD payment from your responders through our payment question field. with this recent update you are able to choose from a variety of currencies including: EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, MXN, BRL, SEK, CZK. If you have additional currency that is not supported at the moment, please reach out to us via the chat and we can easily add an additional currency within 1-2 business days.

5. Pipe answer into Thank You page redirect button

When you are updating the redirect link in your Thank You page button, you can now type @ to include answers from previous questions in that link.

6. Close form to new responses

You can now turn off your form for any new responses and leave a custom message for your users who are visiting your form's URL. You can come back anytime to turn the form back on and continue to receive responses

7. Images in PDF Export

If your respondent uploaded an image in their response and you exported the response to a PDF, the uploaded image will automatically display in the PDF (We used to only show a link to the uploaded image).

8. Single payment and recurring payment (subscription) in the same form

Previously, you can only either have a payment question field or a subscription question field. With this recent update, you are able to have a form that includes both a single one time payment and a subscription payment. Your user/customer will only need to enter in their payment/card information once at the end of the two questions. Imagine a use case where you want to have a user pay a one time fee but also subscribe to your recurring business at the same time. This feature will simplify your user's experience and help you maximize your conversion.

9. Button color

You can now customize the color of the all the buttons in your Wispform. Previously the buttons were transparent and depended on the color of the background. With this update, you can make your form look more colorful and interesting. Even if you have a simple white background.

10. Font customization (November)

You can now update the font in your form to a range of fonts supported by Google font. This can easily be done through the theme/styles tab.

Learn more: font customization

11. Including answers in redirect URL (November)

You can now add answers the responder filled in to the redirect URL via answer piping. This will allow you to customize the redirect URL based on response.

Learn more: redirect URL with answer piping

12. Affiliate program (November)

We are announcing our affiliate/partner program. You will need to first create an account on our partner portal via Rewardful and share the URL with potential users. Users need to create a new account and from then on, you will receive a 40% commission on any payment that the user makes (via Paypal). If your user registered an account without going through the link from the partner portal, please reach out to us directly.

13. Respondent notification (October)

We are adding the ability for you to setup an automatic summary email to your responders when they submit their answers. Email will be addressed to their answer to an email question type.

Learn more: respondent notification >

14. Social sharing in Thank You page (October)

You can now prompt users to share their result as well as the link to your form to their social media followers on your Thank You pages.

Learn more: social sharing >

15. Self notification additional recipients (October)

We used to only send per response self notification to the account owners who created the form. Now, anyone who has permission on the workspace via our "share" feature will also get this summary email

16. Recurring payments / subscription (September)

On top of receiving one time payments from your responders, we now also support recurring payments through our Stripe integration. Follow the guide in the link below to get started. Learn more: recurring payments >

17. Duplicate questions in the builder (September)

We have answered our customers who need to create forms with a lot of similar questions. Simply right click the question in the left navigation and you will be able to copy / duplicate the question.

18. Move form to a different workspace (September)

Now, you can easily move forms between workspaces by using the "move" function. Simply open the dropdown on your form in your workspace and choose a new workspace to move to.

19. Delete workspaces (September)

Next to the share button to share your workspace with others, you can also delete your workspace. This function will not only delete the workspace but also all the forms in it. So please be very CAREFUL!

20. Show Thank You page based on score (August)

You can now decide which thank you page to show based on your user's score. This is great for setting up quizzes and assessments. Learn more: scores and outcomes >

21. Recall hidden fields in answer piping (August)

You can now recall hidden fields using answer piping when you compose your questions. Simply type "@" in any question field to choose either hidden fields or answer from other questions. Learn more about answer piping >

22. Forms with +1000 responses (August)

To improve the performance and export time for forms with more than 1000 responses, we have added pagination so you only get 100 response per page. To export all your responses, you will get an improved experience where you will need to wait a little and hit the refresh button before getting the download link. The wait will be similar for overview page if you have 0000s or 00000s of responses. Learn more about 1000+ responses >

23. Youtube and Vimeo video embed (August)

Since our last newsletter, we have also added ability to embed Youtube or Vimeo links into your question to make them more fun and entertaining. You can also use it to for online lesses and tutorials.