Integrate Google Analytics, Tag Manager and 1500+ other apps through Zapier

Wispform supports many ways for you to integrate your forms with 3rd party applications. We currently support Zapier, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. The Zapier integration will enable you to connect with 1500+ apps like Gmail, Mailchimp, Slack, Salesforce, and Google Sheets.
Zapier and Google Analytics integrations are FREE but Tag Manager is a paid features. If you are on the basic tier, you will be prompted to upgrade to Wispform Pro for $10/month when you try to add a GTM tag to your form.

PART 1: Integrate with Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Step 1: Go to Integrate Page

If you are in the form builder, you will find the integrate button on the top bar between "Create" and "Share". Click on Integrate.

Step 2: Add tracking code

Once you are on the integrate page, you will see all the things you can integrate with on the left menu. Click on Google Analytics. Then click the button on the page to Add Tracking Code. Follow the steps on the popup to find your Google Analytics tracking code and enter it. Then click Connect with Google Analytics.

Step 3: View visits and dropoff rate inside Google Analytics

Wait for a minute or two and visits to your forms will be logged inside Google Analytics. Not only do we track submissions to your form, we also track the dropoff rates on each question. When ever someone completes a question, it will be recorded inside Google Analytics. This will help a lot when it comes to designing an engaging form with high completion rate.

Step 4: Connect with Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager works exactly like Google Analytics. Go in and add a gtm code to Wispform. Once you added the code, Wispform will automatically bring in the tags into Wispform so you can track visits for the purpose of ads and marketing.

PART 2: Connect to Zapier to integrate with 1500+ apps

Step 1: Go to Integrate Page

If you are in the form builder, you will find the integrate button on the top bar between "Create" and "Share". Click on Integrate.

Step 2: Connect to Zapier

Once you are on the integrate page, you will see all the things you can integrate with on the left menu. By default, Zapier should be the first one selected. Click the Connect to Zapier button

Step 3: Login or Sign up to Zapier

Zapier is free to use for most basic cases. For example, if you wanted to trigger an email everytime someone wants to submit a form. If you need to send form response to multiple different systems and process it, you can learn about their pricing here. For this step, either register or login to your Zapier account.

Step 4: Accept Invitation

Read through the page and click Accept invite & build a Zap.

Step 5: Build a Zap

Once you have accepted the invitation, you can go in and create a Zap. Creating a Zap is very easy and intuitive. First hit the organge "Make a Zap!" button on the top right corner. Alternatively, hit the blue "Make a new Zap button" in the center of the page.

Step 6: Find Wispform

A list of possible apps will appear on the screen. Use the search bar to find Wispform and click on it. If Wispform is not there, go back to steps 2 - 4 to accept the invitation.

Step 7: Choose a trigger

Next, you will need to choose the "New Response" trigger in the "Choose trigger event" dropdown. Once this step is complete, you can hit continue.

Step 8: Connect your Wispform account

Now you will need to link your Wispform account. Use the big blue button to "Sign in to Wispform". This will open up a popup that will redirect to Wispform's login page. If you are logged into Wispform already you will automatically be redirected back. If you are not logged in, fill in your login details.

Step 9: Choose your form

With your Wispform account linked, this next dropdown will allow you to pick the particular form you want to link to Zapier. Choose it and hit continue.

Step 10: Get sample data from Wispform

Click the "TEST AND REVIEW" button to retrieve sample data for your form. Make sure that you have at least one fake response to the form you are trying to connect or else this step will not work!
Make sure you have at least one response in the form you are trying to link to Zapier. Without that one response, you will not be able to get sample data and continue with this tutorial. Once this step is complete, hit "Done Editing".

Step 11: Create an action step

Now that you have completed your setup of your Wispform, you will need to choose an action. Basically, what you want to do when a new response comes in. Apps you can connect here include Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and much more. For this tutorial, we will choose Gmail.

Step 12: Choose the specific action

Choose an action that you want to perform by Gmail when a new response comes in. As an example, we are going to send out an email to your responder whenver they complete a response.

Step 13: Connect your Gmail account

Similar to how you connected to your Wispform account, you will also need to connect your Gmail account here. Once done, hit "Continue".

Step 14: Choose who you want to send email to

Every email requires an email address that you want to send it to. In our example, we are trying to send the email to our responder. Use the little plus button to the right of the filed to bring down a dropdown of your sample answers for each question. Choose the answer that is the email field and hit "Continue"

Step 15: Compose your email

Compose a message. Inside the message, you can include answers from each of the questions. Similar to step 14, just use the little plus button on the right hand side of the input box. This will allow you to have a dynamic email specific to each responder.

Step 16: Turn on the Zap

On the next screen, you can hit test and continue. This will send a test email to the email address. After this step, you can use the toggle at the bottom of the screen to turn the Zap on. Once this is complete, you can go ahead and try respond to your form and it will trigger an email to your responder!
Setting up Zapier could be difficult. If you get stuck at any point, feel free to use the chat box at the bottom right to contact us. We will be sure to help you with your integration as soon as possible.

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