How to customize your form's thank you page

By default, your form will have a thank you page designed by Wispform. If you are on the paid tier, you will have the ability to change the text in the thank you page and provide a redirect URL so customers can return to your website after they complete the form.
Custom thankyou page is a paid feature. If you are on the basic tier, you will be prompted to upgrade to Wispform Pro for $10/month when you try to create a thankyou page.

Step 1: Create a Custom Thankyou Page

From your form builder, click the "+" button in the bottom left corner to create a new question. You will be see thank you page as one of the first two question types.

Step 2: Update thank you page text

Click the text section in the middle of the page to add a thank you note. For example, you can either thank them for their participation in a survey or you can let them know that you will be in touch through email.

Step 3: Update button text and redirect URL

If you click on the button on the thankyou page, you will get two fields. The bottom one is the text for the button and the top one is for the redirect URL. Please enter a valid URL for the redirect to be successful.
Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to customize the thank you page for your form. If you are facing any issue or have any question, feel free to use the chat box on the bottom right corner of this page. We are always happy to hear from you!

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