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Best Jotform Alternative

Wispform is the best Jotform alternative on the market today. Start FREE and pay maximum $10/month for ALL advanced features.

Over 15,000+ are using Wispform. A lot of them from Jotform!

"To be honest I think Wispform a very sweet deal. Very decent price point, I get a lot for my money. We focus on small businesses and the price of similar products like Jotform are just out of control."
Leni Neto,
Founder of Cyber5
"I am so happy I found Wispform when looking for a Jotform alternative. So much features on both the free and paid plans. The forms are stunning and the amount of support I get is out of my mind!"
Damien Sutevski,
Founder of PrepFE
"The converational feel that the form has is excellent. The question types available are more than enough and the pricing is very reasonable - especially compared to the likes of Jotform and Typeform."
Charalambos M.,
Founder of

Price Compared with Jotform

Free tier and paid tiers that offer much more features and significantly better pricing when compared to Jotform.
Features Wispform Pro Jotform Silver Wispform Free
Unlimited Forms 100 Limit
Unlimited questions
Responses Unlimited 10,000 Responses 1000 responses/month
Logic Jump Unlimited Unlimited
File Upload 20GB 100GB 100MB
Accept Payments Unlimited 1000 Submissions
Accept Recurring Payments 1000 Submissions
PDF Export
Custom Thank You Page
Multiple Thank You Pages Limited Options
Pass hidden fields through URL
Zapier Integration
Google Tag Manager
Remove Default Branding
Respondent Email Notification
Redirect On Completion
Display Quiz Score
Schedule a Close Date
Mailchimp Integration Through Zapier Native Through Zapier
Airtable Integration Through Zapier Native Through Zapier
New Feature Requests Direct Access to Founders Very slow support Direct Access to Founders

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Personality Quiz
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Online Quote Form
Donation Form
Student Feedback Survey
Event Registration Form
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Conversational, Customizable, Beautiful

Jotform can get boring very quickly. The form's design are old fashioned and hard to respond to. As the best Jotform alternative, Wispform offers a modern, conversational design that is proven to improve conversion by over 90%. On top of that, Wispform's form builder is a lot more intuitive and built for the 2020s. Jotform's form builder hasn't been updated in a long time and is more difficult to use.

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Logic jumps and conditional logics

Wispform is designed with conversation in mind. That is why it is a lot easier to setup conditional logics with Wispform. When users fill in the form, the experience is also a lot more intuitive compared to the classic page based logic implemented in Jotform. On top of regular conditional logics available in Jotform, Wispform supports more logic expressions, allow dynamic pricing for pricing and subscription questions, and have a intuitive display logic for Thank You pages.

Thank you pages with logic

Wispform's form builder supports logic on the Thank You page to enable a redirect based on the responses provided or the score given. In comparison, Jotform offers very limited options when it comes to showing different Thank You pages (you can only customize the messages displayed). Wispform's Thank You pages are also more optimized vs Jotform to convert users to the next stage of your funnel as you can add media content like images/videos/GIFs as well as personalized messages.

Piping variables in, through, and out

Compared to Jotform, Wispform is designed with variable piping in mind. Whether it is passing in a hidden variable through the URL, using variables within the form to display personalized content, or passing answers and variables in the final redirect URL, Wispform has you covered. The features offered in this area are better than the limited options provided by Jotform and are much simpler to discover and use within the form builder.

Other features offered by Wispform

Subscription management

Allow your responders to setup recurring payments on your form

PDF export

Wispform natively supports exporting responses into PDF files

Direct access to founders

Founders of Wispform are one email/chat away. Resolve issues and ask for missing features