Best SurveyMonkey Alternative

Wispform is the best SurveyMonkey alternative on the market today. Use it to create beautiful forms and surveys while getting all advanced features for only $10/month.

Wispform vs SurveyMonkey

For all free tier customers, Wispform will allow you to create beautiful forms and surveys with 100mb file upload. For paid customers, refer to the table below. Compared to SurveyMonkey, Wispform will always have the better offer for both free and paid customers.
Features Wispform Pro ($10/month) SurveyMonkey Advantage ($37/month)
Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions
Unlimited responses
24/7 expedited email support
Custom logo, colors, and survey URL
Quizzes with custom feedbacks
Custom Thank You Screen
Data exports (CSV, PDF, XLS)
Logic Jump Advanced logic jump Basic skip logic
Pass hidden fields through URL
File Upload
Accept Payment
1500+ Zapier Integration
Text analysis & statistical significance
A/B testing, randomization, quotas
SurveyMonkey industry benchmarks
Survey completion redirect
Multiple outcomes with logic
Share Workspaces and Results
Engaging form design
Google Analytics Integrations
Google Tag Manager Integrations
Compelling feature requests DM founder and get it in 1-2 weeks A very long time if ever

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Superior Form Builder

Meet the Wispform form builder. Easily create forms and surveys using this lightweight, powerpoint style interface. On average, building forms takes 73% less time compared to using SurveyMonkey

Beautiful Conversational Forms and Surveys

Unlike SurveyMonkey's forms that are boring and hard to fill, Wispform allows you to create stunning forms and surveys that work perfectly on all browsers and devices. We also provide 24/7 customer support to help you out if there are any issue
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Organize and Visualize

Visualize your responses through easy to understand graphs and charts. Better organize your data by grouping them into different categories. Set up email/text to engage with your respondents

View and Analyze

View your responses in a simple spreadsheet interface. Export your data anytime anywhere. On top of basic function that SurveyMonkey provides, Wispform allows you to sort, filter and perform advanced analysis and operation on your data.