How to setup multiple Thank You pages (or outcomes) for your form

Once a user submits their form response, you can create different thank you pages (or outcomes) based on their response. Not only can you use this to display custom messages based on the user, you can also use this to display results for things like personality quizzes and pricing calculator.
Multiple Thank You pages is a paid feature. If you are on the basic tier, you will be prompted to upgrade to Wispform Pro for $10/month when you try to add multiple thank you pages.
In this example, we will be creating a lucky color generator. User will fill in a couple of questions and they will get a lucky color for the day based on their answers.

Step 1: Finish creating your form

Before adding thank you pages, finish creating your form. In this example the form has a welcome page, a question about the person's age, zodiac sign, and continent they live in.

Step 2: Add your first thank you page

Use the "+" button in the bottom left to select a question. Choose the Thankyou Page question type to create a thank you page.

Step 3: Give your first thank you page some content

Add some text to this first thank you page. In our example, the first thank you page will say the person's lucky number is red.
You can also click on the button to change the button text and the URL that the button points to. This is particularly useful if you are trying to redirect people to your websites or your eCommerce platforms.

Step 4: Create multiple thank you pages and customize them

Repeat step 2 and 3 to create multiple thank you pages. In our example, we have 5 different thank you pages for red, blue, green, yello, and white.
You can also customize your thank you page by adding an image to the thank you page using the button on the top right.
In order to get to the next step, hit the display logic button also on the top right. Depending on whether it is your first display logic, the button may say "Add" or "Update".

Step 5: Add your first display logic for your Thank You page

In the popup that appears, you will see that there is a default thank you page that your user will land on after submitting their response. Click the "Add a display logic" button to create your first display logic.

Step 6: Configure your first display logic

Using the dropdowns, configure your first display logic. In this example, we are saying if the person's answer to "What is your age" is between 0 and 20, display one of the thank you pages.

Step 7: Add multiple conditions

Sometimes, you want to display a thank you page based on multiple answers to the questions. Use the "+" button to add additional clauses to the condition. In this example, we are saying if the user chooses between 0 and 20 for their age, has a zodiac sign of aquarius, and lives in Asia, display a particular Thank You page.
Once you are complete with one logic, you can add an additional logic by clicking the "Add another display logic" button.

Step 8: Add a second display logic and save

Here is an example of a second display logic. If the user chooses between 20 and 40 for their age, has a zodiac sign of Pisces, and lives in Africa, they will land on the third thank you page which says their lucky color is green.
Once you are happy with all the display logic, you can hit the save button on the top right and exit out of the display logic panel. Your multiple thank you page is now fully setup.
Adding multiple thank you pages (or outcomes) and applying display logic to them could be difficult. Especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you have any question or issue, feel free to message us on the chat in the bottom right (remember to leave your email) or directly send us an email at [email protected]. We will try our best to assist you and help get your form working.

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